West Main Bridge Project

Completed 2019


Town of Luray, Virginia

PO Box 629   ::   45 East Main Street, Luray, VA 22835

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History of and around our Bridge


From the Page News & Courier YESTERYEARS, 1883, a comment read:


‍“Can’t we have a foot bridge across the Hawksbill to avoid the mixing of pedestrians with horses, cattle and vehicles?”


In 1901, the bridge had progressed to begin construction on a metal bridge.


According to an article published in the May 2, 1901 edition of the Page News & Courier, the bridge was to be rebuilt in iron, under construction of the American Bridge Co.  One year later, as construction continued, challenging weather threatened delays in the completion of the iron bridge.


On November 27, 1902, a representative from the American Bridge Co. provided an assurance that the bridge would be completed in two weeks’ time.  It was suggested in the Nov. 29, 1902 edition of the Page News & Courier, that the finalization of the bridge could be noted as a Christmas gift.


The completion of the iron bridge was finalized on December 31, 1902.


In 1934, the bridge was reconstructed into the concrete design that has remained until today by the Virginia Department of Highways.  The Page News & Courier reported on May 26, 1939 that improvements to the bridge were made to include the concrete material and the addition of lights.



Bridge Project Design Overview:

  • Similar to original look and size
  • Seven Single Span Steel Beams with a poured-in-place reinforced concrete deck
  • New abutment seats behind the existing abutments
  • Two sidewalks and a similar railing with integrated electric conduits
  • Water main pipe-around, and additional conduits for power and communications
  • Greenway trail and walking bridge replaced and upgraded
  • Estimated weight of new bridge and all listed components: 600 tons



Note of Appreciation & Thanks


Let me begin by thanking everyone mentioned on this page for their hard work, dedication, and most of all, patience.  I’m sure there are many that we have forgotten to include, but regardless, my thanks to you as well.  We could not have completed this project without the support and guidance of our partners at VDOT, nor without the generous funding allocations from the Federal (FHWA) and State (VDOT) governments.  A special thanks to our Commonwealth Transportation Board Member, Dixon Whitworth, and our VDOT Staunton District Administrator, Randy Kiser, PE, for getting things moving at the regional level.


It has been said that it takes a whole town to raise a child.  In a similar vein, I believe that it takes a whole community to build a bridge.  While this project has been a long one, it was much needed.  Ironically, the length of time did allow us to plan out and solve many of the issues that needed to be addressed.  While we did have a few bumps along the way, I think the project went fairly smooth, given its location and proximity to so much of what goes on in downtown Luray.  Our friends at LDI and the Chamber were instrumental in our local business communication efforts.  With good planning, I believe we have rendered a final product that will serve many needs, both now and in the future as Luray grows.


In all, I am thankful for the trust and support of the Mayor & Town Council, and of the community citizens and businesses, in being able to complete this project.  We are blessed with dedicated people, and I was fortunate to have so many folks on-board that were so actively engaged.  I can’t begin to list the amount of personal time, effort and expertise that were provided to help make this challenging project a success.


It is my sincere hope that this bridge will serve the Town and its citizens for the next 50 years or more.  For the Project Teams, Project Personnel, the Mayor and Town Council, and the engaged and participating community members, my heartfelt thanks to you all.  I truly appreciate your confidence, understanding, and cooperation during this assignment.  It is with no small amount of personal and professional pride that I am able to call Luray my second home.

With best regards I remain, very sincerely yours,


Bryan T. Chrisman

Assistant Town Manager

Project Responsible Person



Thank you

to the businesses and individuals who contributed to the

success of this important - and historic project!

Community Partners

Luray Downtown Initiative, Inc

Page County Chamber of Commerce

Luray Rotary Club

Blue Ridge Bank   -  Brian Plum

Blue Ridge Bank   -  Jonathan Comer

Blue Ridge Bank   -  Juanita Woodward

Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission

Mimslyn Inn   -  Jim Simms

Page County GIS Office

Shenandoah Valley Electric Coop

John Graves

Rod Graves

Springview Landscaping  -  Chris & April Judd


Downtown Businesses

Appalachian Outfitters LLC

Inspiring Dreams Studio

The Hawksbill

Northwestern Community Services

Luray United Methodist Church

Jim Fargo

Wanda Tate

Vivian's  Flower Shop

Page One

Susan Rocke



Page News & Courier

Daily News Record

Northern VA Daily


Standout Arts, LLC  -  Shannon Sankar

Standout Arts, LLC  -  Kim Emerson

Form Networks LLC  -  Charles Smith

Form Networks LLC  -  Chris Lanier

FPW Architects    -  David Puckett

Line & Grade

Line & Grade  -   Daniel Hyer

Line & Grade  -   Julie Basic


Project Team


Kimley-Horn  -  Katie Crumm

Kimley-Horn  -  Bekki Robins Jucksch

Kimley-Horn  -  Taylor Hollingsurash

Kimley-Horn  -   Ashley Fenovil

Kimley-Horn  -   Elizabeth Atherton

Pennoni Associates Inc

Pennoni Associates Inc   -   Matthew Lawrence

Froehling & Robertson

Froehling & Robertson    -   Clyde Simmons

Froehling & Robertson    -   Christy Slaw

Schwartz & Associates

Racey Engineering & Surveying PLLC

Operations Manager, Tyler Austin

Racey Engineering & Surveying PLLC

Associate & Engineering Manager, Gary Shirley

Racey Engineering & Surveying PLLC

Senior Manger & Principal, Pat Racey

Orders Construction Co   -   Vice President, Charlie Stokes

Orders Construction Co   -   Project Manager, John Ralston

Orders Construction Co   -   Superintendent, Earl Adwell

Orders Construction Co   -   Superintendent, Andy Wills

A Morton Thomas & Associates   -   Donnie Cummins

A Morton Thomas & Associates   -   Transportation Construction Inspector Senior, Chris Fisher

A Morton Thomas & Associates   -   Chad McMurray

The Thrasher Group    -    Michael Tyler, PE


WRA    -   Bill Atkins

WRA    -   Benjamin Crabill

WRA    -   Wes Mumaw



Town of Luray

Mayor Barry Presgraves

Council Member, Leroy Lancaster

Council Member, Jerry Schiro

Council Member, Jerry Dofflemyer

Council Member, Leah Pence

Council Member, Ron Vickers

Council Member, Joey Sours

Town Manager, Steve Burke

Assistant Town Manager, Bryan Chrisman

Town Clerk/Treasurer, Mary Broyles

Deputy Town Clerk/Treasurer, Danielle Babb

Utility Billing Clerk, Danielle Alger

Customer Service Clerk, Lesa Lowery

Customer Service Clerk, Deb Nealis

Superintendent of Public Works, Lynn Mathews

Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, Pat Goode

Superintendent of Parks & Recreation, Dakota Baker

Assistant Superintendent of Parks & Recreation, Morgan Housden

Water Treatment Plant Superintendent, Joey Haddock

Utility Plant Operator/Water Treatment Plant, David Sedwick

Chief Bow Cook

Lt. Mike Wagoner

Lt. Chris Stoneberger

Commissioner, Tracie Dickson

Commissioner, John Shaffer

Commissioner, Grace Nowak

Planning Commission Chairman, Ronald Good

Commissioner, Brian Sours

Commissioner, Bill Huffman

Commissioner, Frankie Seaward

Planning & Zoning Assistant, Dawn Shores

Administrative Assistant, Ashley Marshall



Commissioner, Stephen Brich, PE

Chief Engineer, Garrett Moore, PE

VA Secretary of Transportation, Shannon Valentine

Senior Structural Bridge Engineer, Alvin Trout, PE

Staunton District Engineer, Randy Kiser, PE

VA Commonwealth Transportation Board, Staunton District

Vice Chairman, Dixon Whitworth

Environmental Program Planner, Elizabeth Jordan, PHD

Staunton District Environmental Manager, Bill Jones

Area Construction Engineer, Robbie Good, PE

Construction Manager, Josh Parlett

Inspector, Dick Catron

Project Coordinator/Local Liaison Staunton District, Mike Fulcher

Harrisonburg Residency Administrator, Don Komara, PE

Project Coordinator/Local Liaison Staunton District, Mike Branscome

Former VA Transportation Secretary, Aubrey Lane

Former VDOT Commissioner, Charlie Kilpatrick



Federal Highway Administration VA Division

U.S. Representative, Ben Cline

Delegate, Todd Gilbert

Senator Mark Obenshain

Former U.S. Representative, Bob Goodlatte






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